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We are Canberra’s #1 Landscaping & Landscape Gardening Company.

Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co is the leading garden landscaping company in the Canberra area. We take pride in bringing out the best of homeowners’ property with a new garden landscape that compliments the property. With the right structural landscape, you can build the garden of your dreams.

Our landscapers are proud to bring our services to properties across Canberra. We aim to deliver 5-star work on every landscape we work on. These landscapers will work closely with you to make sure we bring your vision to life. Our landscape designs can help to improve the look and feel of your property. Some of the services you can expect include:

  • General landscaping
  • Landscape design
  • Landscape gardening
  • Retaining walls
  • Fences
  • Decks & more

Every contractor on our landscaping team has a unique set of skills and a passion for bringing a touch of sophistication to Canberra properties. These experts have a 5-star reputation and aim for 100% customer satisfaction for every job they book. When you hire us for your landscaping project, we will put extra details into the planning of your new garden landscape so you enjoy nature with a personal touch.

Before we start your garden landscape project, our contractors will always make an appointment to come out and view your site. During this time, we will do a free assessment of the property and discuss your idea and what we can do for you. Our contractors can turn any yard into a beautiful outdoor area.

With our professional Landscaping Canberra contractors, you can always be assured of our workers following local council guidelines and the quality being aligned with the industry guidelines

Are you ready to give your property a makeover? Get in touch with us at Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co today. We are currently accepting new customers in Canberra and surrounding areas. Our team are ready and available for:

  • General and custom garden landscaping
  • Building retaining walls custom to your landscape’s structure
  • Paving and repaving to create stunning walkways
  • Lawn installation
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Quality Landscapers Canberra

There are so many beautiful homes throughout Canberra. With the right garden landscape, any home can look a lot more elegant. Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co has experience working on all sizes of properties. We can even work with complicated terrain to build you a garden bed landscape that you didn’t know was possible.

When it comes to the landscaping on your property, there is a lot that we can do. This is why Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co offers many different landscaper services.

Landscape Gardening Services Canberra

In order to plant a garden bed full of your favorite botanicals, you need to have the right garden landscape. Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co can create the best landscape design based on your property.

Retaining Walls Services Canberra

If your property is at different levels, a retaining wall is a stylish and natural-looking way to retain the soil in your garden. Slopes on your property won’t prevent you from having a beautiful garden landscape.

Paving Services Canberra

Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co also specializes in paving. We can repave existing areas that are worn down and create new ones. Our experts are ready to hear your ideas for a new garden walkway.

Lawn Installation Services Canberra

A garden needs to be complemented by a beautiful lawn. If your lawn hasn’t been looking up to your standards lately, Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co can  renew your current lawn to make it look lush or we can create new areas.

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What Our Clients Say

Local Landscaping ACT Canberra went the extra mile to build a garden landscape for my property’s entrance. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but the team helped me choose a gorgeous design. I am so happy they suggested the retaining walls!
Florence G.

Landscaping Canberra Benefits

One of the benefits of living in Canberra is that the climate is not excessively hot for much of the year. This means that it’s never a bad time to consider redesigning your property’s garden landscape. With the right garden landscape, you can grow a selection of plants, including:

● Flowers
● Shrubs
● Herbs
● Vegetables
● Fruits

Before you start planting your new garden, it’s important that you have a garden landscape that you can work with. Digging a hole in your backyard to create a garden bed isn’t as easy as you would believe. Landscaping is one job that is always best left to professionals. Local Landscaping ACT Canberra always create a garden landscape that will benefit the homeowner – we also ensure we follow all local council and industry guidelines. Do you need landscaping Canberra? Contact for a free quote now.

Looks and Feels Great

Plants improve any environment they are placed in. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, a garden will make your yard more appealing. This is an area where you can plant your favourite flowers, herbs, and other plants. You can brighten your yard up with colourful flowers or plant a fragrant herb bed. There are so many options to make your property look and feel amazing.

Certain plants and flowers can attract butterflies and bees, while also releasing a scent that keeps unwanted pests off of your property. The right garden landscape around your deck or property’s fencing can make your yard a more pleasant place to spend time in.

Low Maintenance

The most difficult part of gardening is creating the landscape. Luckily, if you live in Canberra, you can have Local Landscaping ACT Canberra handle that part for you. Many plants that are popular in Australian gardens are very low maintenance, making gardening a relaxing hobby.

Some gardens require more maintenance than others. If you are interested in a garden that doesn’t require a lot of your time and energy, then ask us about our low-maintenance landscape designs. Our landscape designer can create one based on your property.

Increases House Value

Any improvements you make to your property will increase your property’s value. An eye-catching garden landscape adds curb appeal to your home. Not only does this help with the resale value of your home, but other homes in your neighbourhood as well.

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside when you want to know what your property is worth. After all, a great garden landscape can improve the appearance of your property’s:

● Entrance
● Backyard
● Deck/ balcony
● Walkway
● Fencing
● Poolside & more

Great For Entertaining

Your property can be turned into amazing scenery with the right landscape. Of course, you want a garden that you’ll enjoy spending time in, but it also helps to know that it will impress your friends and neighbors. The right landscape design can bring so many possibilities to make your garden the picture everyone has on their inspiration boards.

If you often invite friends over for barbeques or lounging by the pool, having nice scenery is a must. The landscape designers at Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co will always be able to impress Canberra residents with what we can do for their properties.


Canberra Landscaping Service

Renovation your garden landscape isn’t a complicated process. If you contact the experts at Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co, we can make it even easier for you. Our contractors have many years of experience designing and building garden landscapes throughout Canberra. We can rework an existing landscape to make it safer and more appealing, or we can work with a brand new construction project. The possibilities are endless for Canberra landscape gardening.

When you hire Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co, we will start with the design process before moving on to construction. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us on every project we take on. This is why our landscape designer will work with you and is open to hearing every idea you have when designing the layout for your new garden.

Once your garden landscape design is ready, our contractors can begin construction. They aim to complete your landscape in a safe and timely manner. While our team builds your new garden landscape, you can start planning what you want to plant in there.

It won’t be long until you have one of the nicest garden beds in your neighbourhood. We also provide free quotes for all landscape gardening work. Do you need Canberra landscapers? Call us now, we offer free quotes.


Retaining Walls

If your property has a lot of slopes, you may be discouraged from planting a garden bed. Local Landscaping ACT Canberra has an excellent solution for you. Retaining walls can be custom-built on your property to add an extra layer of beauty that also looks natural. The retaining wall is used to support soil and can turn any slope into a stylish backdrop. We can take a section of your property that seems difficult to garden in and completely transform it.

Retaining walls aren’t just a beautiful addition to your outdoor garden, they are also very practical. They can correct several problems with the landscape while also creating a focal point in your yard that will bring up your home’s curb appeal. When you have a retaining wall on your property, you don’t have to worry about soil erosion and other problems underneath your garden bed.

Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co is the #1 company in the area to call for retaining walls. Our designers and contractors will assess your property to see what type of slopes you are working with and determine the best design to fit your yard. All Canberra homeowners will receive a free quote on the cost of a custom retaining wall for their property.



Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co can create a paved area on your property so you can enhance your garden setup. Our team can create a brand new area for your property or we can dig up and replace an existing area. When we revamp an existing area, we don’t cut corners to finish the job faster. Our contractors are very thorough, as we will pull up the existing paved area, flatten, and compact it for the new paved area.

Many homeowners in Canberra are adding a paved addition to their garden landscape. This area can be set up as an outdoor lounge where you can enjoy the nice weather or barbeque a meal for friends. Our team has many different styles to choose from and can arrange for a custom look for your property to compliment your current or new garden landscape.

The contractors from Local Landscaping ACT Canberra can also create a custom walkway or pathway from your house to your garden. Many Canberra homeowners have completely transformed the look of their properties by lining their walkways with some of their favorite flowers and plants. It’s the little details that make your yard a more beautiful place. If you are interested in our paving services, call us today for a free quote.


Lawn Installation

Local Landscaping ACT Canberra Co knows the value of a nice lawn. These landscape professionals know that every property needs a different level of care. While every homeowner wants a lush green lawn, there are many obstacles that can get in the way. The experts at Local Landscaping ACT Canberra know what steps to take to install a lawn that will transform your yard.

Our team has many years of experience with lawn installation. We know the right steps to take to renew an existing lawn so it looks lively again or we can install a brand new lawn in an area where the grass wasn’t growing previously. It doesn’t matter what condition your property is currently in, these experts can install a lawn that will instantly make your home a more appealing place.

Having a nice green lawn doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. We can even make it easier for you by installing an irrigation or sprinkler system. We take pride in all the landscaping services we offer because Local Landscaping ACT Canberra wants homeowners to love their properties.

If you want to bring new life to your lawn, give us a call today. All Canberra homeowners will receive a free quote on lawn installation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of landscaping your property can vary considerably and depends on a lot of variables. Is it for your front or backyard, or both? How big is the area you need landscaped? What sort of design are you after and the materials that will be required? (eg grass surface vs marble surface, big difference in price) How much excavation and preparation is required? The biggest costs in a landscaping project are the materials and the labour, so depending on your requirements, these prices can vary considerably. As a rough guide, you could be looking anywhere from a few thousand, to $50,000 or more. Your best bet is to get a free quote to get a better idea.

The design process can be done in a few days to a few weeks depending on the size and our availability, the actual construction can also take a few days to a few weeks and this will depend on the size of the project, what is involved, the weather and also availability of materials. Each project is different but we’d recommend giving yourself extra time just in case.

Yes – some people have a clear idea of what they want their yard to look like which we can use to turn into a design. Other people have no idea so we provide some options and ideas along with recommendations, what you settle on will also be influenced by the size of the yard, the style of the existing home, and also your budget.

A landscaped garden can change the look feel style of your home.

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